Easy Outfit Ideas for Couples

Statement pieces for men selected by Apache.

I have never seen a blog that addresses easy outfit ideas for couples.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I prefer to think this is an original idea!  We are obviously a couple that enjoys fashion together and i’m sure there are more of you out there, so we are gonna talk a little about his and also hers.

Our appreciation for style has gifted us many fun memories over the years.  As a couple, we have enjoyed browsing boutiques together, picking out outfits, trying them on for one another, and then getting all dressed up for dates feeling so fresh and so clean. Ultimately confidence can make or break any outfit.

Do we shop all the time?  Hell no, our last name is not Kardashian!  We aint rich…yet…. and we are not shopaholics either. We would rather not be in debt over clothing- been there and done that already. Instead, the medical and college bills are the reigning King and Queen of our debt and sufficient at holding the current Golden Debt title without any help from us making UN-budgeted clothing purchases!

Apache and I both take really good care of what we have so our clothes and accessories literally have lasted decades. Plus, our mom Regina spoils us with apparel every chance she gets. When you take loving care of your clothes and respect what you have,  most things can recycle, continuing to stay a relevant piece for you.  Also, if you choose items that cater to your personal style and fit well as opposed to simply following trends you will always look great.

Here are some easy tips for how to make 3 different looks from just 1 outfit for men and women.

Her Easy Outfit Ideas

An easy foundation

Choose a solid color dress or closely related colors for your foundation (dress or top and bottom). For me, black is always classic and one of my favorite colors because of its versatility. If I feel dark I can express it with black or I can show a fun colorful side by adding a bright scarf.

Look # 1 This is what i call a multipurpose outfit!

Begin to accessorize

Every woman should have a basic black dress.  A simple, well fitting black dress can go a long way.  First of all you can just wear it alone with sneakers or high heels right?  This is a no-brainer dress it up or down item. Realizing it might get a little chilly, I added another layer, black leggings.

Transition one outfit  into 3 different looks via accessories! I decided to get  funky with this thrift shop grey suede vest. Playing on the red vest beading, red jewelry is an easy choice .

Look #2 Found this cool suede vest in a thrift shop!

Considering makeup as an accessory, increase the loudness with a bold lipstick or tone it down with a nude. A mash up of a bold lipstick with the casual aspect of a black bandanna and Adidas sneakers worked for our date night. We went to dinner, a show and then out to dance.

The next two looks i’m giving are just me having fun with accessories. Bring on the lace accessory jacket, hat, sunglasses, jewelry switch ups and makeup.

Look #3 Just grab an accessory jacket and a great hat!

Music can be a really fun motivator when experimenting with different looks. The goal is just to feel good and confident in what you are wearing. If you have trouble with mixing and matching, get a perfect black dress or another solid color that you love to create multiple looks with.

When in doubt, accessorize- just my opinion.

Makeup and jewelry can go a long way. You could wear the same outfit several times in the year feeling brand new each time by simply changing a few small details.

His Easy Outfit Ideas

Apache was able to pull off his 3 looks with one outfit so seamlessly. He transitioned into 3 different looks ranging from dressy to stylish-casual by switching up accessories, and then simply by how he wore the top.

Accessorize yo man

If you are a female reading, get some great gift ideas for your man’s birthday or father’s day from Apache.

I love Apache’s reserved look with suspenders and bow tie.  As Apache mentioned in the video, he has found many unique neck ties in thrift shops and Goodwill stores so don’t feel pressed to press your pockets all the time.

Look # 1 Vintage neck ties can be found in thrift shops for best prices 

Man jewelry looks great in my opinion. Apache loves Native American jewelry as well as leather cuffs and Kangol hats.

Same outfit worn differently

Create a more laid back look without changing the pant or top. Simply  open the tie and let it hang around your neck, open a few buttons and maybe add some shades!

Look #2 A laid back approach.

If your clothing options are minimal, we have been there before. Try using accessories to give yourself a fresh new look!

Look #3  Did we mention that we both love rocking Adidas?

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself” – Oscar de la Renta



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