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Fortunately you can attend a CreativeMornings event in most cities around the world. We got to experience this creative movement for the first time in Charlotte.

Excited to attend out first CreativeMornings event together!

Do you believe in the power of positive energy?  Do you believe that surrounding yourself with others who are purpose driven, seeking to learn, grow and be inspired can encourage transformative change within yourself? My personal answer to these questions would be a big fat YES! This is the type of environment you can expect at a CreativeMornings event.

Fortunately you can attend a CreativeMornings event in most cities around the world. We got to experience this creative movement for the first time in Charlotte.

We didn’t know what to expect when we entered the CreativeMornings event for the first time.

Stepping into the room we could immediately feel that there was something very special happening. When my husband and I attended CreativeMornings in April, there was free coffee and breakfast supplied by local vendors. There were all types of people including photographers, artists, activists, vendors, a DJ playing upbeat music plus a bubbling audience of all ages!  We met Matt Olin, Charlotte’s CreativeMornings enthusiastic MC.

Feeling great energy in the room as I signed in at CreativeMornings in Charlotte, NC

Reasons to attend CreativeMornings

Opportunity and networking

There was a positive and quick moving presentation providing a platform to encourage entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. A few new entrepreneurs were allowed to quickly pitch their ideas which was inspiring and exciting.


I have attended two CreativeMornings so far and also enjoyed a variety of their speakers from around the world made available on their website.  Having listened to these talks, I can say the chosen speakers come from all walks of life with a wide span of creative and professional backgrounds.

One Friday each month provides a new global theme for the chosen main speaker to discuss.  At each CreativeMornings event I enjoyed listening to intriguing stories that resonate with the human experience.  We are grateful to hear about topics such as how to overcome life obstacles and how to move forward in becoming the best version of ourselves. Both can be a creative action. 

Win a prize

CreativeMornings in Charlotte is interactive.  Audience members have an opportunity to engage in a brief but fun game to win really great prizes! Someone won a gift certificate to a hair salon.

Cool vendors

My favorite vendors at this past April’s event would have to be Viva Raw and Pop up Produce

Pop up Produce’s founder Amanda Zullo has designed a kit providing families and individuals the essentials to grow their own food.  This kit empowers people to make a difference in preserving the environment as well as educates the user about the benefits of fresh produce.  Fabulous! Check out their website to see how Pop up Produce is impacting Charlotte’s youth and families in food deserts. 

The Viva Raw truck had a delicious and energy boosting drink available for sampling which we loved.  My husband and I are always interested in improving our health and energizing our bodies through nutrition.  Viva Raw is providing cold pressed juices and raw snacks that help keep you looking and feeling your best naturally!  All of their products are dairy and gluten free. 

CreativeMornings is an example of how following your heart can lead to a purpose driven life. This event shows that Charlotte has so much potential and awesome people to meet. We witnessed people connecting with one another, dancing, and encouraging one another.

We were inspired by Pop Up Produce’s community outreach efforts!

Thought provoking speakers

Harvey Gantt was the honored speaker for the CreativeMornings event held on April 21st 2017 at Camp North End warehouse to address the month’s global theme of “Beyond.” 

Harvey Gantt has won numerous local, regional and national design awards for his architecture. Mr. Gantt  has a very extensive educational background.  In 1983 Harvey Gantt became Charlotte’s first African American Mayor for two successive terms. He focused on the revitalization of Charlotte’s inner city with efforts to promote education and taking actions politically as a civil rights activist.  It was a privilege to sit in his presence.

Mr. Gantt has accomplished so much in following his God given purpose.  His message ultimately challenged audience members to find ways to contribute to improving our communities. 

Its free

CreativeMornings work with volunteers, long term partners and generous sponsors that provide funds to help cover event expenses and provide this free venue.  Anyone can attend this event. Learn about what’s going on in your city while enjoying free breakfast and coffee.

Camp North End was a dope space to host CreativeMornings! Very spacious, industrial with a lot of natural light coming in.

CreativeMornings was started in 2008 by Tina Roth Eisenberg in NYC to provide a space for New York’s creative community to gather, support and network with like-minded individuals. Since then, CreativeMornings has expanded to 170+ chapters worldwide.  Subsequently, you could go to just about any city in the world to enjoy a CreativeMornings event.

When you travel to new destinations get a dose of positive energy along with great new ideas to discuss with your friends or family. Check the website to see if there is a CreativeMornings chapter in your city wherever you are!

CreativeMornings happen in Charlotte from 8:30am -10am once a month. Registering to attend is a very simple task of creating a log in at , locating your city and signing up to attend!

I have been married for 20+ years, and attending an event like this invites fresh new conversation between us which is really fun. Everyone is welcome.

Written by: Nikia Knapp /Edits by Craig Greshaw
Photos by Apache Knapp

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