Stay Healthy- COVID 19 Immunity Building Tips

We pray this blog finds you and yours still in good health. This blog will address staying healthy with COVID 19 immunity building tips. We can all take steps to keep strong as we get through this COVID 19 pandemic together.

Prayer and adding 5 min a day or more of meditation helps to decrease stress and improve perspective.

If your hibernating at home or still going in everyday as a deemed “essential worker,” the stress of COVID 19 uncertainties can take a toll on our precious immune system which only increases vulnerability to this virus.  How we feel directly effects our immune system which is one of our most valuable allies.

Let’s be as proactive as possible.

There are steps we can take to keep health during this COVID 19 attack. Below is a list of actionable steps that Apache and I are incorporating to stay healthy.

Immunity Building Supplements

To stay healthy and build immunity, supplements are a good idea any day. Most of us are not getting the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals the body needs to function at it’s optimum level with daily meals alone.

Immunity Building Power Houses!

Building a mighty immune system should include raw vegetables and fruit regardless. We are not beyond junk food eating by any means,but we definitely keep things balanced with planned healthy meals and taking daily supplements.

Here is our “We Aint Gettin Sick” supplement list:

If you do happen to get sick, these supplements may help you to recover more quickly (make sure none of these have adverse reactions when combined with your prescribed prescriptions). In addition, it’s important to get these supplements organic if you can. Ingesting pesticides, unwanted fillers and inessential ingredients kind of defeat the purpose.

Miracle 2000– This is a liquid multivitamin that tastes like hell BUT… it is equally efficient in providing the essentials and more! Personally, i know this product works because i notice my hair and nails growing faster when i take it and i have more energy.  I’m regenerating at a faster speed!

We purchase ours at The Vitamin Shoppe but you may be able to locate this at other health food stores as well.

Organic Garlic– Organic garlic is a miracle worker. I learned of its magical powers from my friend who was having recurring urinary tract infections due to an accident. She successfully cured her own UTIs and prevented them by taking her organic chopped garlic daily.

Raw garlic is an effective natural antibiotic. Chop up a clove into small pieces and swallow like little vitamins to break down whole in the stomach.

Apache has successfully used chopped organic garlic to cure his tooth infection.  Besides being loaded with vitamins and minerals, raw chopped organic garlic cloves swallowed like little pills kill infection in the body.

If you have an infection  or feel one coming on,you may want to have 2-3 cloves a day. As a daily supplement we take 1-2 cloves a day.

Our very smart daughter has opted to taking an organic garlic supplement in pill form daily which we believe is also very effective.

Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar-  Feeling the signs of a possible cold coming on? Run for the Braggs!

Just to name a few, Apple Cider Vinegar kills bacteria,improves heart health, decreases cancer risks,reduces bloating and can even help you lose weight.

We take a shot of this everyday as a preventative measure. There is a tremendous list of benefits to taking this as a daily supplement such as aiding in lowering cholesterol, lowering blood sugar levels thus improving diabetes symptoms as well as being an immunity booster with antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

I either take my shot to the head or i pour it in my water. Because the taste can be jarring, another option is to pour some in your organic orange juice. Our daughter chooses to take apple cider vinegar vitamins which may also be another option for you.

Organic oranges–  We take this for the extra vitamin C. Vitamin C  is a mighty antioxidant and boosts the immune system.

We are having one a day to keep the COVID away.

Vitamin C tablets– Yup, more vitamin C!

Organic tumeric, ginger, lemon & honey tea- I started taking organic tumeric as a seasoning in my food a couple years ago to reduce inflammation in my joints and noticed a difference immediately so i never stopped. The potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant ingredient in tumeric is curcumin.

Curcumin will absorb into your bloodstream by 2,000% if you combine it with black pepper -piperine . It’s real chemistry! Our friend introduced us to the yummy idea of mixing the two into a homemade guacamole for increased absorption. I also like seasoning my morning eggs with turmeric and black pepper.

Ginger is another anti-inflammatory and antioxidant blessing birthed from Mother Earth!

Recently we found Newman’s Organic Tumeric tea with Ginger, it’s delicious because the ginger gives it a spicy kick and the tumeric really gives the tea flavor and body.

Health is wealth and in this case it also tastes good (just my opinion). Let me know what you think!

We put organic honey and lemon in this organic tea for another immunity power boost! Raw organic honey is another one with a list of benefits that go on forever; including but not limited to phytonutrients which helps prevent diseases, antioxidants, antibacterial and antifungal elements.  Lemon is another great source for vitamin C and tastes great in tea.

Stay Healthy and Increase Immunity via Peace and Joy

Mental health directly affects our immune system.

Our minds can literally create sickness and pain in the body or heal itself. That’s how powerful we are! Making joy within is an awesome way to stay healthy until COVID 19 becomes a distant memory.

In the human experience, musty, damp towel slaps of discouragement sometimes knock us to our knees. But, we make every effort to grab a hold of that stinky towel and body slam it into the washer machine with each blow that comes our way.

We do have some choices so lets take advantage of them.

Here are a few mental health, self care actions you can take to cheer yourself up while in the house, get present, take back your control.

Tips to ignite your endorphins

Under these circumstances, some people may have to spend unusual amounts of time with others. The lack of personal time and space can begin to play itself out real quick.

A friend of mine shared a strategy she is currently using to save her sanity.  Pick a room, create a sign that says “Prayer or Zoom Meeting in progress. Please Do Not Disturb,” and tack that sign up onto the door. Inform everyone in the household that you will be using this sign ahead of time when needed so it won’t be a big surprise.

Enjoy making your sweet, leave me alone sign! : )

Hopefully everyone in the house is capable of respecting private prayer time. Then you can use the time to pray, meditate, read a good blog (wink wink), write, yoga or whatever else will help soothe thine nerves.

A candle light that represents hope.

Another option to create a quiet, sacred space for yourself is in your car. Park in front of a beautiful tree to gaze at or just in an area where you won’t be bothered and enjoy that time to yourself. I do this often and find it to be a calming gift.

Games are a fun way to reintroduce some laughter in the household. Laughing cures the body and soul. Did you know that when you laugh your body produces a hormone called endorphins and that they are mood elevators? Endorphins reduce stress and discomfort in the body which will in turn help to protect your immunity levels. So break out the board and card games that have been gathering dust in the closet. And then, watch a good comedy!

Last but not least, do an activity that simply makes you feel good. Apache creates music, meditates, and goes on long walks. I like to exercise, paint and lately, listen to audio books.

Moving out of my head and into a creative activity is life giving.

We also enjoy watching movies. Put on some good music and dance around the house, this always works for me. I used to do adult coloring as a stress reliever for a straight year and that was very helpful.

Some people enjoy cooking as a stress reliever.

Cooking is a creative activity!
Find the full recipe at the end of this blog!

What kind of hobbies or activities help you to escape mentally? If you don’t know, try some new things for a change.

These are vegan, gluten free Date Energy Bars. Click here for this yummy but healthful recipe to make for your family. Also, full recipe at end of this blog.
Find the full recipe with ingredients listed below for Date Energy Bars. They came out so delish!

Healthful Food & Exercise for Immunity

We love pizza and Oreo cookies just like anybody else. Watching a good NetFlix program and munching on our favorite treats when stress levels rise helps to ease the pain a little sometimes. Too much of anything can become a self sabotaging weapon though. In excess, junk food decreases overall health making it harder for the body to fight off virus’s.

Balance is key.

Take it one day at a time and don’t be too hard on yourself. We got this!

Use food as an immunity shield

When food shopping, make sure at least 90% of the items on the list will help your body to stay healthy. Keep the comfort food items to a minimum,  don’t buy them at all or seek out healthy treat alternatives instead.

Planning out balanced meals and healthy snacks ahead of time is a healthy persons primary lifeline. Try to keep your main meals healthy 75% of the time. Include fruits and veggies to increase vitamins, and minerals so your body can be a COVID 19 fighting machine!

Avacado and Kale salad is loaded with nutrients!

Stay healthy and empower your immunity by adding spinach greens to your morning smoothie! Make sure there is a good serving of vegetables with your lunch and/or on your dinner plate, preferably a dark colored one like red cabbage or broccoli, both of which are loaded with immunity and energy building properties.

Breaded baked chicken, squash and spinach.

Attempt to add a high fiber carbohydrate to your meal like Quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatoes or oatmeal. A balanced meal should also include a protein as well to help maintain muscle mass and keep your blood glucose levels intact.

What should be on the plate? A lean protein, vegetables and a high fiber carbohydrate.

The goal is to stay healthy by creating a strong resilient body.

Drink lots of water and click here so we can bless you with a snack that is tasty and also healthy! Your waistline will thank you for it and your immune system won’t be mad at us either.

Build immunity and well being through exercise

Add in some exercise to each day.  Staying healthy always includes exercise.  What can i say, God made us this way. Exercise each day is going to help work fear, anxiety and stress right out of the body by creating endorphins. In addition, people who exercise regularly have stronger immune systems, it’s just a basic fact.

If you are not feeling real Jane Fonda-ish right now, just try my simple 6 minute workout. I promise it won’t kill you and it will be over before you know it. Here is your big chance to burn off some of those extra chocolate cake calories! Click here for a quick 6 minute total body workout you can do everyday.  Also, go for a walk or a run if you can. Yoga is never a bad idea. Just get moving!

Top COVID 19 Prevention Tip

Thoroughly wash your hands. Our mothers told us to do this when we came in from playing outside, before meals, and after we finish in the bathroom to prevent germs from spreading. Our skin is our first line of defense so keep it clean.

Wash your hands!

I work in the healthcare field. Hand washing is the most stressed instruction of all before and after interacting with patients. With COVID 19 running around, it can mean the difference between life and death unfortunately. In addition to social distancing, the next most important thing we can do is keep our hands and surrounding surfaces clean.

Personally, we love this brand for a million reasons (Dr. Bronner).

Here is how to wash your hands correctly:

  1. If in public or coming in from outside, i use a clean tissue or paper towel to turn on the faucet to warm temperature water. Then throw that tissue/paper towel in  the garbage. Wet your hands and apply soap.
  2. Rub your hand together vigorously to create a good lather. Wash under your nails, intertwine fingers to rub soap between them, the back of your hands and under your rings.
  3. Keep rubbing entire surface of your hands for at least 2o seconds to be effective in killing virus/germs. In order to make sure it’s been 20seconds, sing the ABC’s twice or the Happy Birthday song twice from beginning to end to know when you are done.
  4. Rinse your hands well. Start rinse at your wrists letting the water run off of your finger tips and then rinse the rest of your hands.
  5. Dry your hands well using a paper towel or let your hands air dry. Use a paper towel, bunch of tissue or your elbow to turn off the faucet. And do not touch the dirty faucet handle.

Hopefully these tips will help you and yours maintain health and gain increasing well being. We send you our love and are keeping the world in our faith filled prayers daily.

“Faith and Prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man cannot live in health without them.” ~ Mahalia Jackson

Date Energy Bars

Makes 16 bars, Prep time: 10min plus chilling time

This recipe uses all natural ingredients. You can make a double batch of the bars, freeze some and have them ready as a on-the-go snack.


1 cup shredded unsweetened coconut

1 cup of pitted Medjool dates or use date paste as long as it is 100 % dates without fillers. If available, choose whole Medjool dates because they are the sweetest and largest.

1 cup gluten-free oats

1 cup pumpkin seeds

½ cup dried blueberries

½ cup raisins

½ cup sesame seeds

4 tablespoons of melted coconut oil

½ cup mini chocolate chips


  • Line a 9×13 inch dish (or a smaller dish for thicker bars) with parchment paper and set aside
  • Put the coconut, dates, oats, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, raisins, sesame seeds, and coconut oil in a food processor and pulse until everything sticks together but is still chunky.
  • Dump the mixture into the baking dish and use your hands to incorporate the chocolate chips.
  • Press the mixture evenly into the baking dish and put the dish in the refrigerator until the bars can be cut, about 2 hours
  • Store the bars in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week




6 Easy Beginner Blogger Tips

6 Beginner Blogger Tips

If you are a beginner, you may have stumbled upon a very enlightening blog to help you simply BEGIN! In this blog i will share 6 Easy Beginner Blogger Tips.

Hanging out in my second year of blogging for Colorful Life Productions (Husband & Wife team content creating company) – I realize I have acquired a few helpful tips that I now use regularly without thinking about it.  

Finally, I have useful blogging knowledge to share with others. It took me a year before I realized how to turn a word in my blog into a link! Only sharing that embarrassing detail to make you feel a little better if you are as computer illiterate as I am- ha!  Slow technology learners unite!

If you don’t know how to turn words in your blog into links comment below and I will be happy to help.  After 2 years of researching more advanced bloggers and taking 2 courses in how to grow my blog page here are some real easy, basic steps you can take that make sense and won’t stress you out too much- baby steps!   Let’s do this together!


1) Repeat Key Words for SEO

There is a mountain of information to learn about Search Engine Optimization(SEO). But, I have picked up on a pointer in the right direction. You want your blog to be found by people who are looking for the topic you are covering. Google wants to connect the right information to the person searching for it.

Your title is hopefully your main topic. Try to keep the title as direct and clear as possible. Your title should include your keywords (what your main focus is). Throughout your blog make sure to reiterate your keywords. Keywords help keep your subject on track and also it increases your SEO.

Reusing your keywords will help show your blog as one that should be ranked for your particular topic. When using your keywords, incorporate them in a natural sounding way so it makes sense with the flow of your writing.

My key words for this blog are “Beginner Blogger Tips.” As you will see, I will repeat my key words at least 3 times in this blog. One good tip I learned is to use my keywords in the beginning, middle and toward the end of each blog at minimum.

2) Easy Reading Blogs – Break it up!

Back in the day, eh-hem, as in two years ago… I would write my blogs fashioned more like a letter.  I believe blogs are generally supposed to be an easy read option-so make it easy to read!

When you are discuss your topic of choice, break up your writing with bold print titles. This let’s your reader know what you will be talking about next in regards to the topic. For example, above this section of the blog I put in bold lettering “Easy Reading Blogs – Break it up!” as a heading.  This will make locating specific information easier for your reader, the heading function is similar to chapters in a book.

Using this technique may be visually more appealing to a busy person. A blog presented with bite size information is easier to digest.


3) Link Back to Blogs

Help your readers to find the other blogs you have written that are on the same subject matter.  If a reader enjoys your fashion blog or your tips on cheap travel blog, they may want more information. Your reader may not realize that you do have that information available for them. 

Add links to your previous blogs you have written on the same topic.  You can do this with key words.

Let me share an example. In a recent fashion blog, I posted a photo wearing jewelry purchased from a boutique I had written about months ago. Underneath that photo, in the caption, I prompt the reader “find out more about this dope jewelry here.” I linked the italicized word back to the older blog I wrote about the boutique.  In my blog “Places to go for date night in Charlotte, NC,” one of the places i recommend to go is a House Music party.  I linked the keywords House Music back to a previous blog I had written specifically about House Music. Correspondingly, this technique will send anyone seeking more content on that subject area straight to it. Link back!

Why did I pick this photo? Link Back… get it? lol

You can also inform your reader of other blogs you have written that are on the same subject.  Writing something like “For more blogs about … check out….“ Fill in the blanks by adding titles of the blogs you want to mention. Then, link those titles to their corresponding blogs. 

When I first started writing blogs, I wasn’t aware that linking back is a great way to keep your audience engaged with your website/ blog page. In addition, your directing people to more of what they are interested in.  After two years I find myself frequently going back to add links to my old blogs to connect to newer similar blogs.

4) Add Value to Content

In the past two years we have spent an ample amount of time considering and then reconsidering our niche and revisiting how we can add value to our content overall.  This is a really important piece of the puzzle!  Think about what your audience stands to gain by reading your content, in what ways are you helping them?  Why should the reader share your blog with others or even return to read more?  Value for the reader is a component that becomes increasingly more prominent in my mind on this blogging journey which makes the work more goal oriented as opposed to just writing whatever I feel like writing.


Value is something that has worth or usefulness.  I always write from my heart, but I realize some of my topics are more relevant in today’s world than others.  The more popular topic I blogged (which had to do with vlogging) is repeatedly re-pinned on Pinterest and I did not have to do anything for that to happen except post the pin which wasn’t even an attractive one (no advertising or anything).  This being said, I write about what I feel passionate about or interested in. In my topic of choice, the focus is then directed toward adding value to the content.

In our niche, value may come in the form of fashion tips, great places to go that we really enjoyed and travel tips .  I will also share helpful blogging tips that i learn along my content creating journey. You should always consider where you are adding value as you complete your blog.


Help others by sharing recipes, your personal experience at a destination, tips for healthier living/well being, inspiration, DIY ideas… you get the point, the list is endless. Are you really funny? Maybe your value is in laughter; help to brighten someones day! Just be sure to write out the list of items that add value to your content and work it in.  As bloggers our job must be to give back in some way. You are writing for other people to read your blogs. Otherwise, you would be writing in a journal.

Once you discover what problem you’re solving or how you are helping the reader, you have also simultaneously found your title. I am still working on creating better titles for my blogs but this is a great direction to go in. 

The title is the first reason anyone will read a blog in the first place.  The title lets me know if the contents within the body of work are either relatable to my life or going to answer a question I have. I’m much more likely to read the blog right away, save or possibly even share the link if it holds value to me.

5) Create Evergreen Blogs 


 Oh, when I first heard the phrase “Evergreen Blogs” something clicked in my head!  “Yeah! Why didn’t I think of that before?” I thought.  The Google definition of evergreen: relating to or denoting a plant that retains green leaves throughout the year.  Think of your blog as that plant that you want to be self-renewing! 

You cannot continue to promote a blog you wrote in 2019 in 2020 if you put the year in the title.  How can the blog stay relevant and how can you recycle the work as you move forward and your audience grows? Avoid putting dates in your blog titles if you can. Understandably, sometimes this might be unavoidable depending on the topic. Maybe you want to do a trendy blog that is super relevant right now but may not be next month or year and that’s okay to if that’s your niche.  Personally though, I want to stretch out my blogs as long as I can.

Today I’m trying to contemplate writing content that I can re-share year after year. 

Another reason to write evergreen blogs is timing. When you first post a blog some people may not have time to read it. There is also the possibility that some may not find the blog important to read when you first post it. Let’s try not to take it personal, those same people just might be curious about that blog later on down the road. You will also gain new readers as you proceed that find that same topic relevant when you re-post it again on Facebook 6months to a year out.

6) Add Great Photos


Last but not least is to add great photos!  Beautiful photos will help you to tell your story and visually stimulate your reader.  There are many options for getting photos that would work well for your blogs.  You could take and edit your own photos. Purchase photos from a photographer, Canva, gettyimages or another company that sells photos.  We alternate between taking and editing our own photos and working with photographers that we know. 

My latest and greatest back up plan for getting free quality photos is (screaming) Pexels!!!  Choose a photo you want from Pexels. There is a free download drop down bar in the right hand corner when you click the pic. You can choose the size you want.  I have been using the medium size (1280×960) for this blog. You can see which size works best for your page.

On Pexels you can make a donation to the photographer for their work if you choose- which is awesome.  The least we can do, as a courtesy, is like/heart their work. Then, either credit the photographer or Pexels in caption under the photo you choose. Make sure to link back to the artist or Pexels for proper crediting of the work.

We will continue to work at creating our own fabulous photos but it’s great to have a back up plan. For example, we didn’t get a chance to photograph pics for this particular blog. As a result, I sought out free stock images from Pexels. Thankfully, I was able to easily and safely pull mostly everything I needed from Pexels (sending love). 


Be gentle with yourself in this learning process. Obviously, we cannot know it all at once and we cannot be as advanced instantly as someone already 5-10 years ahead. Therefore, be patient with your learning curve and turn the rest over to God. If you have any questions about the topics I have mentioned above please comment below and i will be happy to help.

There are so many aspects to being a blogger if you want to make a career out of it. I can relate to beginner trials and tribulations. Since I am attempting to learn this as a business, there will be many more helpful blogger tips to come! Hopefully these 6 Easy Beginner Blogger Tips were helpful to you. If so, please let me know!

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” – Maya Angelou

If you enjoyed this blog you may also enjoy 5 Tips for Beginner Vloggers

Written by Nikia Knapp

5 Tips For Beginner Vloggers (Month 9)

It’s our 9th month in vlogging, what a roller coaster!!! I am going to share what we have learned so far so you can avoid some of our beginner mistakes and be encouraged.


It’s our 9th month of YouTube vlogging, what a roller coaster!!! I am going to share what we have learned so far so you can avoid some of our mistakes. So far, trial and error and research have been our teachers.  

When I think about going to college or starting a new job, usually there is a type of outline put together to assist the student during the learning curve.  There is a structured order of what you should be learning first, second, third. In most cases we are told where to go to get the information that we need.  With vlogging we have to figure out which way to go and often one tunnel leads to another which leads to another trying to find the right information on the computer. There are one too many “experts” and i’m left feeling like Alice in Wonderland. 

If were to compare this to a college course on how to be successful content creators, we would be in month 9. That means we are still only in the midst of taking our prerequisite courses!  This is a great reminder for me because I always want to see immediate requital when I put my energy into something. 

Thank God for the small group that have been 100% actively encouraging us forward, acknowledging our work, sharing our work and really participating because it is these people who give us the hope and courage to keep moving forward and this has been our compensation. Keep these people close because they are the ones who are gonna ride this long journey out with you.


Beginner days of vlogging


When we first began, we had no idea there was a whole Vlogging Culture already in motion. The first video we created had to be uploaded onto YouTube first in order to attach the link to function on my Blogspot. This is how we found an entire world of couple vloggers and How To vlogs about turning blogs into businesses. Needless to say our heads began to spin the more we explored. 

Equipment Mistakes to Avoid

We originally thought “Hey we have I-Phones, and a tripod! That’s all we need to get started!” Jumping in we decided that our approach would be very newscaster-like (things change).  We took our fancy I-phone, held it in a vertical position and went to work attending our first event at Condom Couture which we had to trash 90% of because of the borders that showed up when we tried to post on YouTube- painful! The borders were a result of holding the I-phone vertically, live and learn. 

On YouTube we had many unfavorable realizations about how the quality of our work looked compared to other videos. Today, when we want to use our I-Phones for vlogging content we hold the phone horizontally. In the horizontal position footage transfers well giving us the full screen video that we want for YouTube . After the first disaster we went at it again with our new knowledge of how to hold the I-phone (horizontally) to create our second vlog Night at Blended Bartique – Check it Out!

Investigating YouTube to see what videos were successful and appealing to us as viewers gave us a basic idea of how our videos should look. We began to see that this wasn’t going to be as simple as we had previously thought.  This led to further pursuit into the type of equipment we would need in order to get a much nicer visual experience and also what would help us to work in a more time efficient way. 

Great Vlog Equipment on a Budget

The relevancy of time became another area of attention as other popular vloggers were posting approximately 3 videos a week- consistently (we are still not there yet).   When we began it was taking us 4x the amount of time it takes us now to upload because the old computer we had did not have the specifications we needed to back up the Premier Elements photo shop software we were using to edit the videos. 

Our research directed us to acquiring a new computer that had a processor specifically meant for editing videos. The one we were previously using was simply for basic functions such as internet and typing papers.  The best computer to get for editing vlogging material should have a terabyte of memory, 8 gigs of ram and up, a really good processor i7 or higher and a 64-bit operating system or better.  You can get a really good refurbished laptop for around $400. We pick up bits of knowledge with each step forward.

Apache and I continued online reading, watching YouTube equipment reviews and talking to friends with more experience in camera and computer technology to compare and contrast brands. We decided on sacrificing the camera quality in order to have better video quality.  Apache and I discussed how the photos would  play an integral part in the delivery of our experience and brand on Instagram and Facebook while also taking into consideration our monetary limitations.  

Our very first vlogging camera : Nikon Cool Pix B700


We couldn’t afford the DSLR which is a favorite in the photo and vlogging world. We ended up purchasing the Nikon Cool Pix B700 which gave us good enough photos and great video quality. We also made sure we had the correct tripod heads to attach our new camera to the tripod we already had by visiting our local camera shop.   

Lighting was brought to our attention at the very beginning.  Lighting can make or break a video and there is so much we still have to learn about this area but we were able to start out with a simple LED light that works well to begin with. We plan to upgrade to a Light kit as soon as possible though.  Learning about positioning of lighting to work for us is continual but we do know one important detail is to have a good light source positioned behind the camera weather it be sun or LED. 




This is HUGE! We had to get the next level of patience with one another almost immediately. If not, Colorful Life Productions would never work. Our first huge argument happened toward the end of one of our first vlogging events. We weren’t sure we could continue. Now, one of us will stop engaging before things escalate. Fussing has been minimal. One time though our bickering was caught on camera and ended up being hilarious when we watched it.

Learn how to use the computer for other things besides email and typing word documents? Say what?! This has been a brain sweating experience! I’m still learning how NOT to go down the computer rabbit hole and get lost in it – help! 

So many platforms, links, tabs, updates & information but we keep learning.


If you cannot find your answer in a reasonable amount of time I recommend stepping away from the computer. Your could be more productive completing something you do know how to do.  Save time by asking for help. When necessary you may have to pay for help. What could take me hours or even months to learn, someone more knowledgeable could teach me in 5min. I can get very stubborn about this, call me overly independent? Remember, no one does this without some help from others.

If you can, take a class on Search Engine Optimization from a trusted resource!

Patience with numbers has been crucial. We have not mastered SEO as of yet which effects numbers. Initially we were checking numbers of views and subscribers continually to see what our progress was.  We have learned that gaining views and subscribers can be a very slow and arduous process. Continually checking the numbers do not make them increase any faster! In addition, it can just bring down the whole energy toward producing anything.

The goal is to focus on creating content that we feel proud of and then detach from the outcome with patience.  Moments of discouragement and frustration definitely creep. Sometimes I allow myself time to indulge in a pity party, but not for long. It’s useless!  The next step is to seek out inspiration and get some spiritual comfort to get back on track. I may take some time to regroup which could be a day or two away from the computer/social media. Taking some deep wusahhhh breaths and being kind to myself definitely helps. I am also watching my words, are they positive or negative? More can be accomplished with a positive frame of mind.

Detaching to take some self care time


Photo by C. Pinkney Photography



We learn a lot by simply doing.  I just began showing myself on camera about 5 years ago to share my fitness journey. Apache has put himself in front of audiences most of his life through music. I had always been a very private person, the decision to engage people on social media took time in contemplation.  Sharing very minimal about myself personally to keep the focus on fitness was safe. I created vlogs about fitness and my close friends and family would repeatedly ask me to be more natural. Practice in anything will deliver advancement; videography, photography and writing aren’t exceptions to this rule.

With practice I intentionally work on sharing more of my personality for the integrity and development of Colorful Life Productions. If anyone watches my old YouTube fitness vlogs on AnewSelfinc. they will see a huge difference. I practice maintaining a consistent energy level on camera. This is a work in progress!

Meeting new people and getting inspiration from others on our vlogging journey!

4) Be Social:  

Vlogging challenges me to be more engaging with our viewing audience and out in public.  This is a practice in letting my guard down and reaching out to others more often.  Assuming one of the main ideas of vlogging is to not bore the audience to death (please let us know if we ever do), we believe having an outgoing personality on camera is very important to keep the viewer’s attention.

Us having some fun with vlogging

5) JOY and PURPOSE: 

Purpose produces joy which is felt by the viewer. We create to inform, inspire and entertain.  We feel there should be a foundation of purpose for the all the talking and continual sharing.  Apache and I want to bring joy and inspire other people using this platform. 

Think about developing vlogs that are useful to others in some way. We ask ourselves more often “where is the value in our content?” With that being said, create thoughtfully and with kindness toward yourself and others.

Quote: “Rome Wasn’t built in a Day, But They Were Laying Bricks Every Hour” – John Heywood

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Written By Nikia Knapp /Editing By Craig Greshaw