6 Easy Beginner Blogger Tips

6 Beginner Blogger Tips

If you are a beginner, you may have stumbled upon a very enlightening blog to help you simply BEGIN! In this blog i will share 6 Easy Beginner Blogger Tips.

Hanging out in my second year of blogging for Colorful Life Productions (Husband & Wife team content creating company) – I realize I have acquired a few helpful tips that I now use regularly without thinking about it.  

Finally, I have useful blogging knowledge to share with others. It took me a year before I realized how to turn a word in my blog into a link! Only sharing that embarrassing detail to make you feel a little better if you are as computer illiterate as I am- ha!  Slow technology learners unite!

If you don’t know how to turn words in your blog into links comment below and I will be happy to help.  After 2 years of researching more advanced bloggers and taking 2 courses in how to grow my blog page here are some real easy, basic steps you can take that make sense and won’t stress you out too much- baby steps!   Let’s do this together!


1) Repeat Key Words for SEO

There is a mountain of information to learn about Search Engine Optimization(SEO). But, I have picked up on a pointer in the right direction. You want your blog to be found by people who are looking for the topic you are covering. Google wants to connect the right information to the person searching for it.

Your title is hopefully your main topic. Try to keep the title as direct and clear as possible. Your title should include your keywords (what your main focus is). Throughout your blog make sure to reiterate your keywords. Keywords help keep your subject on track and also it increases your SEO.

Reusing your keywords will help show your blog as one that should be ranked for your particular topic. When using your keywords, incorporate them in a natural sounding way so it makes sense with the flow of your writing.

My key words for this blog are “Beginner Blogger Tips.” As you will see, I will repeat my key words at least 3 times in this blog. One good tip I learned is to use my keywords in the beginning, middle and toward the end of each blog at minimum.

2) Easy Reading Blogs – Break it up!

Back in the day, eh-hem, as in two years ago… I would write my blogs fashioned more like a letter.  I believe blogs are generally supposed to be an easy read option-so make it easy to read!

When you are discuss your topic of choice, break up your writing with bold print titles. This let’s your reader know what you will be talking about next in regards to the topic. For example, above this section of the blog I put in bold lettering “Easy Reading Blogs – Break it up!” as a heading.  This will make locating specific information easier for your reader, the heading function is similar to chapters in a book.

Using this technique may be visually more appealing to a busy person. A blog presented with bite size information is easier to digest.


3) Link Back to Blogs

Help your readers to find the other blogs you have written that are on the same subject matter.  If a reader enjoys your fashion blog or your tips on cheap travel blog, they may want more information. Your reader may not realize that you do have that information available for them. 

Add links to your previous blogs you have written on the same topic.  You can do this with key words.

Let me share an example. In a recent fashion blog, I posted a photo wearing jewelry purchased from a boutique I had written about months ago. Underneath that photo, in the caption, I prompt the reader “find out more about this dope jewelry here.” I linked the italicized word back to the older blog I wrote about the boutique.  In my blog “Places to go for date night in Charlotte, NC,” one of the places i recommend to go is a House Music party.  I linked the keywords House Music back to a previous blog I had written specifically about House Music. Correspondingly, this technique will send anyone seeking more content on that subject area straight to it. Link back!

Why did I pick this photo? Link Back… get it? lol

You can also inform your reader of other blogs you have written that are on the same subject.  Writing something like “For more blogs about … check out….“ Fill in the blanks by adding titles of the blogs you want to mention. Then, link those titles to their corresponding blogs. 

When I first started writing blogs, I wasn’t aware that linking back is a great way to keep your audience engaged with your website/ blog page. In addition, your directing people to more of what they are interested in.  After two years I find myself frequently going back to add links to my old blogs to connect to newer similar blogs.

4) Add Value to Content

In the past two years we have spent an ample amount of time considering and then reconsidering our niche and revisiting how we can add value to our content overall.  This is a really important piece of the puzzle!  Think about what your audience stands to gain by reading your content, in what ways are you helping them?  Why should the reader share your blog with others or even return to read more?  Value for the reader is a component that becomes increasingly more prominent in my mind on this blogging journey which makes the work more goal oriented as opposed to just writing whatever I feel like writing.


Value is something that has worth or usefulness.  I always write from my heart, but I realize some of my topics are more relevant in today’s world than others.  The more popular topic I blogged (which had to do with vlogging) is repeatedly re-pinned on Pinterest and I did not have to do anything for that to happen except post the pin which wasn’t even an attractive one (no advertising or anything).  This being said, I write about what I feel passionate about or interested in. In my topic of choice, the focus is then directed toward adding value to the content.

In our niche, value may come in the form of fashion tips, great places to go that we really enjoyed and travel tips .  I will also share helpful blogging tips that i learn along my content creating journey. You should always consider where you are adding value as you complete your blog.


Help others by sharing recipes, your personal experience at a destination, tips for healthier living/well being, inspiration, DIY ideas… you get the point, the list is endless. Are you really funny? Maybe your value is in laughter; help to brighten someones day! Just be sure to write out the list of items that add value to your content and work it in.  As bloggers our job must be to give back in some way. You are writing for other people to read your blogs. Otherwise, you would be writing in a journal.

Once you discover what problem you’re solving or how you are helping the reader, you have also simultaneously found your title. I am still working on creating better titles for my blogs but this is a great direction to go in. 

The title is the first reason anyone will read a blog in the first place.  The title lets me know if the contents within the body of work are either relatable to my life or going to answer a question I have. I’m much more likely to read the blog right away, save or possibly even share the link if it holds value to me.

5) Create Evergreen Blogs 


 Oh, when I first heard the phrase “Evergreen Blogs” something clicked in my head!  “Yeah! Why didn’t I think of that before?” I thought.  The Google definition of evergreen: relating to or denoting a plant that retains green leaves throughout the year.  Think of your blog as that plant that you want to be self-renewing! 

You cannot continue to promote a blog you wrote in 2019 in 2020 if you put the year in the title.  How can the blog stay relevant and how can you recycle the work as you move forward and your audience grows? Avoid putting dates in your blog titles if you can. Understandably, sometimes this might be unavoidable depending on the topic. Maybe you want to do a trendy blog that is super relevant right now but may not be next month or year and that’s okay to if that’s your niche.  Personally though, I want to stretch out my blogs as long as I can.

Today I’m trying to contemplate writing content that I can re-share year after year. 

Another reason to write evergreen blogs is timing. When you first post a blog some people may not have time to read it. There is also the possibility that some may not find the blog important to read when you first post it. Let’s try not to take it personal, those same people just might be curious about that blog later on down the road. You will also gain new readers as you proceed that find that same topic relevant when you re-post it again on Facebook 6months to a year out.

6) Add Great Photos


Last but not least is to add great photos!  Beautiful photos will help you to tell your story and visually stimulate your reader.  There are many options for getting photos that would work well for your blogs.  You could take and edit your own photos. Purchase photos from a photographer, Canva, gettyimages or another company that sells photos.  We alternate between taking and editing our own photos and working with photographers that we know. 

My latest and greatest back up plan for getting free quality photos is (screaming) Pexels!!!  Choose a photo you want from Pexels. There is a free download drop down bar in the right hand corner when you click the pic. You can choose the size you want.  I have been using the medium size (1280×960) for this blog. You can see which size works best for your page.

On Pexels you can make a donation to the photographer for their work if you choose- which is awesome.  The least we can do, as a courtesy, is like/heart their work. Then, either credit the photographer or Pexels in caption under the photo you choose. Make sure to link back to the artist or Pexels for proper crediting of the work.

We will continue to work at creating our own fabulous photos but it’s great to have a back up plan. For example, we didn’t get a chance to photograph pics for this particular blog. As a result, I sought out free stock images from Pexels. Thankfully, I was able to easily and safely pull mostly everything I needed from Pexels (sending love). 


Be gentle with yourself in this learning process. Obviously, we cannot know it all at once and we cannot be as advanced instantly as someone already 5-10 years ahead. Therefore, be patient with your learning curve and turn the rest over to God. If you have any questions about the topics I have mentioned above please comment below and i will be happy to help.

There are so many aspects to being a blogger if you want to make a career out of it. I can relate to beginner trials and tribulations. Since I am attempting to learn this as a business, there will be many more helpful blogger tips to come! Hopefully these 6 Easy Beginner Blogger Tips were helpful to you. If so, please let me know!

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” – Maya Angelou

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Written by Nikia Knapp

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