Whoever you are, we are so glad you’re here, welcome! My name is Nikia, and with my husband Apache we make up Colorful Life Productions which began in 2017.

How did CLP get started?

Apache and I raised our daughter and felt left with empty nest syndrome (not a pretty sight) when she decided to move back to NYC to begin a life of her own- how could she?

Picking ourselves up we realized that we needed something fun to do for the second half of our lives. So on a bright sunny day while strolling in the park we had a conversation that ended something like this “A-ha! Let’s develop blogs and videos around what will keep our life colorful. We’re not getting any younger here!” 

After that day in the park, Colorful Life Productions was born! We have been spreading our color all over social media ever since then!

What is CLP about?

Living a “Colorful Life” in this context is creating the life you want to see for yourself. CLP does this by  creating meaningful, inspiring and fun content around personal style, travel and lifestyle for our loving audience!

More about us…

We are both old school heads originally from New York. Born in the 70s and had our hay day in the 90s- don’t worry, neither of us will ever run for President. So yeah, that generational influence is there. We believe in Peace, Love and Hair Grease!

Despite life challenges we are still big kids at heart. We have dreams of exploring the world and inspiring others on the journey.

Why do we have such elaborate ambitions over 40 years old? We are not dead yet! There is so much to learn and experience that we cannot do by sitting on our coach.

By day Apache works a blue collar job and I work in heath care as a Occupational Therapist Assistant. Apache is a master lyricist, stylist and content creator. I am a fitness and art enthusiast as well as a writer. 

Apache and I have taken on the entity of content creating via blogs and YouTube vlogs together!

What to expect

On this website you can expect blogs with great style inspiration for men and women. Furthermore, you will be blown away by dope travel content and tips for the USA and eventually abroad.

Occasionally, I will also be dropping blog posts about what we learn in the process of growing this blog site and our lifestyle.

It’s never too late to start creating more of what you want to see in your life! 

Color your life how you dream it to be! ~ CLP